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My Take… on the 2012 Elections!

So the 2012 elections are over!  Thank goodness!  What a messed up world these elections have shown to us!  It was a nightmare… smear campaigns, lies, distortion of truths, lack of facts, and more.  More lies coming from one party than the other.  But both failed overall to state facts and truth.  The result… nothing changed from Monday, November 5 to Wednesday, November 7.  And the money spent on the ads for this election… UNREAL!!!  We are now living in a world where lies and money buy the presidency and so many other elected positions, and what’s worse is that many voters believe the lies.  Voters are scared into voting for certain candidates because of the lies and negativity.  Many voters are no longer voting for the best candidate based on facts and morals.  Very sad indeed.

So with that being said, here is my take on the 2012 elections.  Now mind you I am the purple, middle, independent voter.  I do NOT believe in the two party system.  I think all parties should be eliminated.  I believe every politician should run based on their experience, skills, leadership, and most importantly… ETHICS and MORALS.  Politicians should not be running for office to further their own interests, their party’s agenda or lobbyists’ agendas because there is too much corruption and self-interests.  Political parties do not do what is in the best overall interest of the citizens or country… they mainly do what is in the best interest for themselves and what they believe they are entitled to.  A complete 180 degree turn from what this country was founded on and what our forefathers intended is now occurring.  This country is turning more and more from God and from the Christian Principles it was founded on, and dumping ethics and morals all in the name of self-interests and so called entitlements.  This “what is best for me and not the country” attitude and lack of morals that is now more prevalent today than ever will be the downfall of society and the USA as we knew it if we continue down this path.

President Obama was re-elected for another four years.  There is nothing we can do to change that, but what is interesting to see is who the people are who voted for him.  It was mainly the young people, minorities, and women.  This is not really a surprise since many in those groups believe in self-interests and entitlements.  Many of them do not think about what is best for society or the future of this great country.  They do not vote for a candidate with high ethics or morals or even great leadership skills.  Instead they want to know what is in it for them now!!!  Whoever will give them what they want (not need) is who they will support and vote for, as we saw happen in this election.  These people vote for the candidate who will give them what they want such as free money like welfare, food stamps, college money, and so on.  Self-gratification is more prevalent now than ever and it is becoming very disturbing.  These same groups vote for candidates who allow murder, indecent sexual acts/morals, lies, weakening the defense of our country, and the list goes on and on.

Now it may sound like I am slamming Democrats and supporting Republicans, but the truth is I am not very fond of the Republican Party either.  I did not care for Bush and his jumping into wars without proof.  Romney was not a great candidate.  He is a Mormon.  They have some very different beliefs.  Plus Romney was not a dynamic leader.  He was flip flopping on many issues and not taking a firm or consistent stand on many issues.  That is a problem.  BUT… Romney does have more and better morals and better leadership skills than Obama.  Those two characteristics alone are probably the top two qualities a president must have to lead the greatest nation on this planet, which was founded on ethics, morals, and Christian Principles.  Unfortunately, more voters did not care about those qualities as they were more interested in Obama’s lies, deception, lack of morals, cunning talk, and so much more.  The Bible warns of false prophets who will come to deceive the people and lead them astray from the TRUTH.  We are seeing it now and it should not come as a surprise as the Bible also states that in the end days Satan will do whatever he can to turn more and more people from God.  Welcome to the USA 2012… we are seeing it!!!

Much of what I have stated above may sound like my own opinions.  But in reality most of it is facts.  Only some of it are my opinions.  These facts are based on exit polls many media outlets did on election day.  Here is what they discovered:

1) Many voters who voted for Obama stated that they did not think the deficit was a problem or something to be concerned about.  WHAT???  This blew my mind when I read it!!!  But it should not be a surprise as many Americans (and apparently liberals) believe in living deep in debt and getting whatever they want now.  They believe that future generations can worry about the debt and deficit.  Totally ignorant of these so called Americans to think and act like this as this could be the very thing that is the downfall of the USA.  Someone will be responsible one day and the other countries whom we owe this money to will want to collect or take over this country.  This is just further proof how the young people, minorities, and others are so out of touch with reality and facts.  They are living in a fantasy world where they want everyone and everything to cater to their wants and lack of morals.

2) Many voters could not give facts on what Obama has accomplished or give a good and moral reason why they voted for Obama.  WHAT AGAIN???  This is crazy!!!  These voters had answers like well Obama is good looking, he knows how to talk young people’s talk, he is big into social media, he just seems like a nice guy, he will be the best person to give me what I want, and so on.  Where are the facts and accomplishments that Obama has done over the last four years?  How has Obama improved the USA and made this country better in the last four years?  There are very few facts and accomplishments by Obama and the scary part is these voters do not care what he has done.  In fact what Obama has accomplished is a future filled with nightmares, administrative headaches for businesses, high debt, etc.  Even Obama himself never objected or fought back when Romney attacked Obama on his failures… why?  Because Obama knows he has failed but he is also a great talker and people fall for his deceptive talk.  Obama has divided this country in half instead of bringing it together… further proof he is a poor leader.  So these voters are proving that a leader who is not accomplishing much or who is making things worse by driving this country deep into debt are okay and good for this country.  Unreal how many unintelligent and lack of concerned people are out there voting!!!  Again it all goes back to self-gratification and what can you give me now mentality in so many people especially the younger generation.

3) Many voters who voted for Obama believe the Republican party is too conservative and it has no place in today’s society.  Now this one I can only agree with that the Republican party is out of touch with minorities and the young people.  But it still believes in Christian Principles, which is important and needed more than ever in today’s society.  Society is getting further and further away from God.  Morals and ethics are no longer a concern to the self-interest liberal groups and individuals.  They believe you do whatever you have to so you can get what you want.  Wealth for everyone and you do not have to work to earn it!  Who cares if it is immoral or not in line with the Bible.  Again scary stuff that so many today are turning this way.  Even so called Christians are starting to act like this.  A little immoral stuff here and there slowly creeps in then people/society becomes desensitized to it and over time they no longer find anything wrong with immoral acts and behavior.  It is amazing that morals and the Bible have been so strong and prevalent in the world over thousands of years but all of a sudden over the last 40-50 years (about the time when the liberals, feminism, and peace movement started)… peoples’ morals are deteriorating and the Bible is attacked because many are now saying that the Bible is no longer relevant or needed in today’s society.  Now that is scary stuff to think about how people are throwing God and the Bible to the side and saying they know what is better for us than God!!!

Obama did not win this election on his own or by his great deeds and leadership skills (both of which he lacks). Instead he won this election because of his lies and smear campaign and the liberal media (which makes up most of the media world).  The liberal media is probably the worst offender on leading our country down the path of destruction.  They are very sneaky and cunning on how they attack and get so many of us to believe their lies.  I read several months ago about a study that was done on elections and campaigns.  What they discovered was that the Democratic Party (more than the Republican Party) used negative ads and lies to scare voters into voting against Republicans and for Democrats.  We definitely saw how well it worked in this election.  Probably 90% of Obama’s ads were lies, negative and slamming Romney and the Republicans.  Only about 10% were stating facts about what Obama has done or accomplished in the last four years.  I found the opposite true with Romney’s campaign.  About 90% of his ads were facts, what he has accomplished and what he will do for this country.  Only about 10% of his political ads slammed Obama and the Democrats.  Now Obama may be a great dad and a great husband, but he is not a great or even good leader.  He does not know how to lead or bring different parties together.  He lacks so many skills to be president yet so many voters voted for him just so they could get what they want.  No thought or consideration about the future or consequences of their decisions.  This country is on the way to self-inflicted destruction and death.  We will eventually no longer exist because of the self-interested people and entitlement generation.  History has shown and even some atheists in the past have stated that a country or society without morals or Judeo-Christian Principles will collapse and die.  They say these two things are needed to keep a country strong and growing just like they helped America grow.  Sadly, the USA is departing from these principles that built our country’s foundation.  Now many people think they know better than our forefathers and God.  Plus, what does this say to all of our veterans and military who fought for this country to make it great and strong in morals and God?  On this Veterans Day 2012 may we thank our troops and let this be the turning point start back to strong morals and Godly ways!

The only way we and this country can stop and turn from this path headed towards destruction and moral decay is for a revival and turning back to God and the Bible.  Until a true revival occurs in this country and we get back to our Christian Principles and morals, it will only get worse!  Those seeking to get back to morals and Christian Principles will be ridiculed and attacked by the world and liberals as the Bible states.  We will be told we are out of time and that we need to get into alignment with today’s society that lacks morals and lacks God.  Well that we cannot do.  But many already are falling to the ways of society taking a secular and immoral approach to things instead of a moral and Biblical approach.

So what do we do?  Well the first thing is as the Bible teaches… we are to respect our governing authorities because these leaders were put in place or allowed to be put in place by God.  It is either His will that He allowed Obama to be re-elected or it is His way of allowing this country to be punished or disciplined until we turn back to Him.  Secondly, we have to pray for Obama and our leaders that they will turn back to God and  Biblical morals allowing God to once again be the Head of this nation.

As for me, I have to change myself first by making it a daily habit of praying and seeking Christ’s guidance.  I have to allow Him to be the final authority on everything.  I can’t expect the world or other people to change and get back right with God if I do not take that step first myself.  Otherwise, the world/people will jump all over me as they always do and call me a hypocrite.  I pray for the USA and citizens that they will desire a true revival to get back right with God and let Him be the guiding light for this nation instead of their selfish wants destroying us.  May God bless the USA if we bless Him first!!!


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