What is an Indian?

31 Jul

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Have you ever wondered what an “Indian” is?  Okay, maybe this is not a top priority or everyday occurrence for you… but “Indian” could mean several things.  Have you ever thought about that?

“Indian” could mean a person from the country of India.

“Indian” could mean a Native American.

Or “Indian” could mean a type/brand of motorcycle.

Well here is a true story about an “Indian.”  (Names have been removed to protect the participants of this story!) 🙂

Our story begins as our relative just bought a used Indian brand motorcycle.  He is taking it out for his first cruise.  As he is riding down a four lane road a loud “pop” occurs.  He realizes his front tire blew and now the motorcycle is shaking and he is doing all he can to hold it straight and upright.  Cars next to him and behind him slow down so they do not run over him in the event he loses control and crashes.  He is able to get the motorcycle under control and pull off to the side of the road.

(Now the story is going to get good!)

Our relative gets off his motorcycle to inspect the front tire.  He realizes he is not going to be able to get home without some help.  So he calls his roadside assistance to get help.  As has become the norm recently the person he talks to on the other end of the phone call is a lady from India.  This is the conversation:

Lady Rep from India: (Insert your own accent here) Hello, how may I help you?

Our Relative: Hi, I need help as my motorcycle just got a flat tire and I can’t ride it home.

Lady Rep from India: Do you need the police to come out and help?

Our Relative: No ma’am.  I pulled off to the side of the road.  I just need a wrecker or something to get my motorcycle home.

Lady Rep from India: Did you install the spare tire?

Our Relative: No ma’am.  I am riding a motorcycle.

Lady Rep from India: So your vehicle doesn’t have a spare tire, huh?  Your vehicle should have a spare tire.

Our Relative: Ma’am, I said I was riding a motorcycle.  Motorcycles don’t have a spare tire and I don’t have one in my back pocket.

Lady Rep from India: Oh yeah, you did mention you had a motorcycle didn’t you? They don’t have spare tires do they? (Now she laughs)

Our Relative: No they do not ma’am.

Lady Rep from India: What kind of a motorcycle do you have?

Our Relative: Indian.

Lady Rep from India: Why yes I am!  How did you know?

Our Relative: (He laughs) No ma’am.  I meant my motorcycle is an Indian.

Lady Rep from India: They make Indian motorcycles?  I didn’t know our country made Indian motorcycles.

Our Relative: (He laughs more) No this is a motorcycle with the brand name being “Indian.”

Lady Rep from India: (She laughs) Oh?!?!?!  Where did you say you broke down again?

Our Relative: On the road ma’am.

Lady Rep from India: Oh!  I should send the police out to help you and direct traffic.

Our Relative: Ma’am, I said I pulled off to the side of the road.  I do not need the cops.  I only need to get my motorcycle home.

Lady Rep from India: Oh yeah you did tell me that! (She laughs some more)  Sir, help is on its way!

Now when you hear the word “Indian” you may have to stop and think what it really means.  Maybe you will get a good laugh and remember this true story.

Until next time…

“Help straighten out this messed up world… don’t add to the mess!” 🙂

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