A Wedding According to My Kid

23 Jul

Friday, July 15, 2011

Have you ever wondered how our kids imagine marriage/weddings should be?  Let me tell you it is a lot different than us adults imagine it.  Kids do not believe in a fancy wedding or honeymoon.  Nope… their weddings and honeymoons are simple and funny.  So let me tell you about my kid’s thinking on the type of wedding and honeymoon he wants.  This is a true story!

My son was in school on Friday and a magician came in to entertain the kids.  How fortunate we were that the magician chose our eight year old son to come up in front of everyone.  The magician then proceeded to ask our son some questions.  How they got on the topic of marriage/weddings I do not know???

Magician: “Are you married?” (Remember our son is only eight)

Our Son: “Nope”

Magician: “Do you want to get married?”

Our Son: “When I get older”

Magician: “Are you going to have a big fancy wedding?”

Our Son: “Nope”

Magician: “Where are you going to have your wedding?”

Our Son: “Publix” (Now remind you this is a grocery store!?!?) (Now everyone is laughing)

Magician: “Why at Publix?”

Our Son: “Well they have all the food and cake there” (More laughter erupts) (At least the wedding will be cheap!)

Magician: “How are you going to go on your honeymoon?  In a limo?”

Our Son: “Nope… a shopping cart!!!” (Now that is funny!)

As I said, where do these kids think of these things and why?  Too funny!

It is a messed up world… but our kids keep it funny!

Until next time…

“Do Your Part to Straighten Out this Messed Up World… Don’t Add to it! 🙂

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One response to “A Wedding According to My Kid

  1. Sue

    July 25, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Don’t knock Publix – my son works there! 🙂
    Our daughter Melissa got her wedding cake there – tasted better than some fancy bakery cakes.


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